Progression of a dissertation freak-out and the birth of a blog

5 May

It all started with another one of those single-science-lady dilemmas (you’ll get what I mean in future posts) – long story short – it seemed like a fairly reasonable idea to let a fairly strange man come over to the house.  He was bringing me prairie plants – surely only a really swell fella would try to win a lady over with grocery bags of dug-up Black-eyed Susans!  Well, my roommate’s dog (the 90 lb Rottweiler, Bruno) insisted we be a little choosier with who we let in the house.  His normal bark and snarl routine ended far worse than normal when he snapped at said gentleman caller – he made contact, he made a small bruise.  Mr. visitor made a very big ordeal of it, he made sure the dog was put down.  A very sad ending to an afternoon, a friendship, and a pet – and, in the end, a great roommate.  And that’s the little butterfly wing beat that started it. . .

. . . And my little pre-dissertation break down proceeds as follows:

  • My roommate, no longer being tied down by dog responsibilities, decided she’s rather save money and travel than be tied to a house for the summer.  (Previously her lease and my dissertation were scheduled to graduate simultaneously this winter.)
  • No problem, I’ll just re-rent my spare rooms.
  • Oh no, I don’t know how long I should list the rooms for.
  • Oh s#!t, I don’t even know how long I’ll be in this house – will I stay around after graduation?  Will I get a job and promptly move?
  • Should I be thinking of prepping my house to sell on top of finishing my degree and finding a job (side note – 2 days later I receive notice from the city that, due to continuing financial meltdown, my house has now been reassessed for ~20% less than I paid for it!)
  • Finding a job?! I need to find a job so I know what I’m doing post-December!
  • I’ve really got to update my CV so I can shopping around.
  • Crap, I’ve  got to get things published so I have some updates for my CV!       (I believe it currently reads something like – 2007-Present PhD student – No really I’ve been working super hard, I swear I wasn’t just making pottery or bussing tables somewhere – well, no I guess I don’t have the publications to prove that right now – but really they’re coming and they’ll be super cool, just trust me!)
  • @$!#$*!! – oh look – I just got the third rejection notice for the best paper I’ve ever written!
  • Waaaaaaaah!!  (this is where I just start screaming at inanimate objects in my kitchen)

. . . Well screaming only works for just so long.  So I listed my spare rooms with tons of caveats about lease length, got a redraft of the paper to my advisor, blew off some steam hauling a bunch of landscape bricks around my yard, and decided that sharing all this in blog format would be a really great way to procrastinate in between polishing the last paper and torturing the next dataset.

Welcome to what’s on my mind – scientific musings, silly stories and random rantings!


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