Life is just a bowl of…

5 Aug

mmmm fresh Door County Cherries!

Cherries drip from trees during the peak of the season.

It’s cherry season on the coasts of Lake Michigan.  I just wanted to share a few quick juicy tid-bits from a fantastic  weekend in Door County – Camping at Peninsula State Park and picking cherries at a little farm nearby.

We arrived at the park just in time to catch an amazing sunset.  It’s moments like this that you think – why on earth don’t I sail?!

Some lucky sucker sails off into the sunset on Lake Michigan.

We enjoyed some time frolicking on beaches of Lake Michigan and fishing from the park’s piers.

Fishin' on the dock of the bay - Madison Forager hope for fish.

And of course the cherries!  We head just a few miles down the road from the park to my favorite cherry farm.  A little no-frills family-and-friends operation with just one little shack and one little old lady (full of good advice from how to pit cherries to where to find a bottle of wine for dinner).

We have optimally foraged!

Be not afraid to work for your fruits my friends.  For cherries are far more fruits than labors!  The trees are just dripping with ripe, red cherries!  And they practically jump into the buck with the slightest touch.  My friend, the Madison Forager, even likened cherry-picking to optimal foraging (the idea that animals conserve energy and rack up calories by feeding on the easiest prey).  Easy prey indeed!  We picked about 2 gallons each in just about 15 minutes!  And cherries certainly became a major source of nourishment for the rest of the trip.  A few fun ideas (some recipes to come):

Chocolate shortbread cups ready-to-fill with almond filling and fresh cherries

Roasted corn salad with cherries

Cherry & horseradish mustard (now I need to make up a good pretzel recipe!)

Cherry chutney on Indian curry


One Response to “Life is just a bowl of…”

  1. Bala August 8, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    They look so delicious! We had to be content with what we got at the farmer’s market in town. I am looking forward to some of your recipes.

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