Viva Puerto Rico

16 May

Hola from the island!

For a little change of scenery the science geek is taking to the road this summer.  So these posts might be taking a turn away from musings on nature, and toward a some great travel sites.  First stop Puerto Rico!

An afternoon strolling through the rich historical sites of Old San Juan.  Over 500 years ago Spanish explorers came to Puerto Rico and established a fortress in the Caribbean.  The city was founded in 1521 and fortifications promptly began in 1533.

The coastal vista of Old San Juan.

Castillo San Felipe

Lighthouse Faro sheds light on the rocky shores at the foot of Catillo San Felipe.

A colorful gazebo is the center point of the Bastion (cemetery).

Art and religion mix to memorialize those buried in the Bastion.

Castillo San Cristobal

Living quarters in the fort.

Look out tower on the edge of the fortress on the sea.

A haunting walk down a gloomy tunnel toward the dungeon.

Some long-gone prisoner passes his captive days sketching his ships on the dungeon walls.

Ready for fighting, cannon balls are stacked near gun docks atop the fort.

A view of the rapidly growing city from the rapidly aging fortress rooftop.

Old meets new – a brightly colored condo sits next to a crumbling building over-taken by trees and vines.

A lizard guards the city wall.


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