Yum Luquillo

20 May

It’s easy to eat like a tourist at the Latin fusion gastro pubs of Old San Juan.  It’s fun to eat like a local at the kiskos in Luquillo.

Walk up from the beach or pull off the highway into this little strip of garage door-fronted food kiosks.  Each a unique blend of colors and decor – from trendy Caribbean chic with beach glass and thatched umbrella tables, to plywood booths swollen by sea air and walls decked with random plastic cartoon idles.

Kiskos of Luquillo

The food also varies – but more subtly.  Toward the west end of the row a few more junk shops and kiosks catering to the gringo appetite – a burger joint, ceviche hut, tatoo bar.  As you stroll down the line the fare becomes increasingly authentic – every manner of meat/seafood/fruit stuffed inside a plantain and fried, piles of mystery fritters containing anything from potato to lobster, whole grilled fish, salads of shrimp or octopus…

A crab guards his rice dish

Fried delights

Some local fare is just too intimidating – I think that’s blood sausage in a very unadulterated intestine

You eye your dinner – your dinner eyes you

Arepas reina – a fried white corn cake stuffed with anything from octopus to shrimp to crab. Kiosk Mi Favorito offered amazing homemade hot sauce to top it all off.

Buen Provecho!


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