The writing’s on the wall

5 Jul

The tricky part of public service announcements – reaching the public! Public communication can be especially challenging when large segments of the public you wish to reach live in poverty and lack education.  In Kathmandu several awareness campaigns have circumvented problems of illiteracy with clever and colorful graffiti displays.  As you walk by many walls of the city – ringing parks, schools, government buildings,etc. – you can see graphical messages inspiring everything from health practices to environmental concerns…

Wow!  Who knew hand-washing could inspire such creativity?!

Wall murals for World Handwash Day ring the walls of the central parks along Drubar Marg

Oh!  The sad plight of he with dirty hands!

Oh! The woes of not hand-washing

Family planning is urged with images of education and burdensome kids!

The importance of planning and educating the family

Funny – while liberals and conservatives argue the (lacking) merits of abstinence-only sex education in America, passers by in Kathmandu can a get a graphical education on family planning just walking by the Patan bridge.

Wall-sized may not be the most flattering…

From personal to environmental health…

Frescoed pleas for green forests and green jobs

Saving water looks divine in this Buddhist image.

WWBD? – Buddha would save water obviously


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