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7 Oct

My downfall in fall – the light nip in the fall air always sets me to fearfully fixating on the impending winter freeze.  The most dastardly doing of the Midwestern winter isn’t the dumping of snow on my driveway or the frosting of my eyelashes while waiting for the bus.  No,winter’s worst wrongdoing is the creeping into my psyche and diminishing my appreciation of the truly gorgeous fall season rolling over the farm hills of Wisconsin.

Layers of color from the fiery sumacs to golden oaks.

So this fall I’m making a new-season resolution to live in the moment, or at least the season, and take in all the brightly colored of fall.  I’ve been making a point to careen my bike through every crunchy leaf pile on my way to school, and get out the forest while their trees are most colorful.  Here’s my bit of a postcard from fall…



What a great day for a stroll

Every now and then I turn a corner on a country road and almost slam on the breaks in awe as I curve down a corridor of color!


Let’s not forget that Wisconsin is a bit of a prairie place.  One of the things I’ve learned here – the prairie changes color for fall just as well as the forest!

Shades of grass


Fall on the prairie


Milkweed – seeds all dispersed

I’m not the only creature out and about, soaking up the last warmish days of the season.  It seems that turkeys spend the entire fall (hunting season) pacing around in private fields of corn stubble just evading public hunting areas.

Gobble Gobble

This threatened ornate box turtle was a highlight of a recent field trip for my zoology class.

How could any species this cute be threatened?!

As the sun sets flocks of blackbirds flutter to and fro across a wetland deciding which side has the sweetest cattails.

Last flight of the night





El Yunque Rain Forest

25 May

The sky drips with water and the forest drips with green.  The coqui frog dominates the forest conversation and tiny colorful birds flutter by.

Bird watching in El Yunque

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Road closed due to lava flow

16 Nov


I think they mean it!

I tend toward the preconception that any warning from a government agency is so layered with ass-covering over-caution that it can be taken quite lightly.  But at Volcanoes National Park – where their idea of a good time is hiking across a volcanic crater to warm your face in front of a steam vent, where their idea of an accessible campground is four miles down a one lane road with a suggestion to share the road with oncoming cars – when they close a road they don’t mean ‘there could be an off chance of mild driving disruption due to volcanic activity nearby’ – they mean the road is closed.

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Place of refuge – for villagers and dolphins

13 Nov

First I hear the squeaking.  Surely my ears are playing tricks on me.  Maybe its my teeth rubbing the plastic of my snorkel.  But then I see a shadow move across the glints of sunlight filtering through the deep blue.  The shadows move closer.  The dolphins are surfacing.  Surfacing, playing, almost dancing, sometimes pooping – and all right around me.

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On your marks, get set, GOURD!

27 Oct

Polish your deck shoes and straighten your ascot – it’s time for a regatta.  The 8th Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta!

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Life is just a bowl of…

5 Aug

mmmm fresh Door County Cherries!

Cherries drip from trees during the peak of the season.

It’s cherry season on the coasts of Lake Michigan.  I just wanted to share a few quick juicy tid-bits from a fantastic  weekend in Door County – Camping at Peninsula State Park and picking cherries at a little farm nearby.

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Dancing with Dirt – and the Physiology of a Good Long Run

19 Jul

It’s HOT!  How hot is it??  It so hot, I could go to my hot yoga class to cool off!  (ba-da-bam-cymbol crash)  But, really, I’m neither joking nor exaggerating.  It is currently hotter than what yuppy-spa-goers pay for to open their sweat glands and release their chi.  Hmmm – funny I don’t see anyone running out into their yards taking advantage with a good vinyasa!

But I digress.  Our current heat wave – and the pain of running in it – has me thinking about just what our bodies can take!  Recently I got talked into running in the trail race from Hell.  No, really, the race originated in Hell, Michigan – but we ran the Wisconsin version in Devils Lake State Park.  A 60 mile relay for a team of 5.  We each ran three legs up and down hills, through forests and ravines, across prairies, and even up a creek.  I actually ran the shortest distance on our team, coming in with just under 10 miles – and I was darned pleased with the training it took me to manage that.

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