The Kitchen

What?! A recipe page on a science blog?

Well, even scientists have to eat, right?  Besides – food is one of commonalities between us all that provides a link from ecosystem to person.  We are what we eat – and the planet is what we do to it.  Plus – not only is there a lot of chemistry behind the workings of a recipe, there is a lot of fun experimentation in cooking!

So, here is where I’ll share  some of my recipe experiments that worked – with a focus on whole, healthy foods incorporating naturally and locally produced ingredients.

Tasty sweet treats

Green tea shortbread cookies w/ vanilla bean icing

Bean cakes – several variations

Shortbread cookies with alterations for nearly any dietary restriction

Savory morsels and main dishes

Healthy carrot & herb scones

Morel mushrooms stuffed with ramps & garlic mustard in goat cheese

Venison-tenderizing buttermilk brine marinade


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