Morels stuffed w/ ramps & garlic mustard


many               Morel mushrooms

            >> Find some!  Preferably the large golden type to have room   for stuffing.

            >> Soak them in salted water for an hour or more to pull out the grit that ends up in all those crinkles.  Pat dry on a paper towel

~5 stems          Ramps – chop the leaves and bulbs
~1 stem           Garlic mustard – chop the leaves

            >> sauté in butter

1/2  cup           Chevre (soft goat cheese)
2 slices             Bread – toasted till dry, ground into crumbs
dash                  salt and pepper to taste

            >> mix in with the sautéed greens

Cooking Directions

  • Enjoy the process of stuffing smushy cheese goop into the little hollow mushrooms!  Finger get you started on the great big ones, I found the blunt end of a chop stick very useful for packing the stuffing in.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  The cheese will get melty and the oil will ooze out almost sautéing your morels in the oven.  They should be darkened a bit, but not dried out or crusted over when finished.

Anything you want!  Bacon is always a good idea!
This is one of those recipes that is more experiment than equation.  The real recipe here is this –

  • Take a yummy thing
  • Squish it into a morel
  • It can only get yummier

Nutritional Info
(serving = 1 big stuffed shroom)

Cal                   ~70
Carbs              ~5 grams
Protein           ~3.5 grams
Fat                   ~3 gram

Vitamins          ~35%  RDV of vitamin K !!,
~15%  RDV of vitamin A
~  5%  RDV of vitamins B2, C, and D

Minerals          ~ 5% – 10% RDV of iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese


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